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Boost for dental insurance

Nyhed   •   Jun 14, 2018 09:57 CEST

In last year’s collective bargaining negotiations, the Danish Financial Services Union (Finansforbundet) and the Danish Employers’ Association for the Financial Sector (FA) agreed that banks and mortgage lenders would pay for their employees’ dental insurance. For many years, a large proportion of private sector employees have been covered by health insurance that includes medical care, operations at private hospitals, physiotherapists, chiropractors and psychologists, etc. It makes sense, therefore, for many companies to extend their employee benefits to include dental treatment.

Common abroad
In Denmark, employer-paid dental insurance is a relatively new concept, but in countries like the UK, Switzerland, Germany and the US, it is more common for dental insurance to be obtained via an agreement through the employer.

Big savings with dental insurance
Most of us can live with the cost of an annual dental check-up, hygienist visit, minor fillings, etc. But when it comes to major dental work such as crowns, bridges, etc., the bill is usually as uncomfortable as the visit to the dentist.

Dental insurance takes care of major dental bills for the employee and also the worry of cheap tinkering or delaying treatment if they have the misfortune to break a tooth, for example. Costly dental injuries can affect all of us. According to figures from 2017, lifetime dental visits cost Danish consumers an average of DKK 130,000.

The employee can recover a large portion of the cost of extensive dental treatment. All kinds of dental procedures such as X-rays, crowns, bridges, implants, root canal work, etc., are covered. Regular dental check-ups and visits to the hygienist can be purchased as opt-in coverage. With dental insurance, treatment can be done immediately after the damage has occurred, not just when the employee can afford to seek treatment.

Reduced sick leave
The company can contribute to improving the health of its employees with better quality of life by offering their employees dental insurance. In addition, the right treatment administered promptly can reduce sick leave. The company gains goodwill from its employees by offering them a benefit on attractive terms, which they cannot obtain by taking out similar insurance privately.

Compulsory or voluntary scheme
Dental insurance can be set up as a compulsory scheme paid for by the employer, or as a voluntary scheme where the employees themselves pay for registration and insurance payments, i.e. without costs or administrative outlay for the company.

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