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Gjensidige Forsikring acquires Mølholm Forsikring from PFA Pension

Nyhed   •   Apr 10, 2017 16:00 CEST

Gjensidige and PFA have signed an agreement on Gjensidiges’ acquisition of Mølholm Forsikring. The sale is expected to be completed during the first half of 2017.

Increased focus on PFA’s corporate clients

In 2013, PFA acquired Mølholm Forsikring with a view to sharing experiences with Mølholm and drawing on this in relation to PFA’s own healthcare services.

Since last summer, PFA has focused on further developing their health and insurance strategy with emphasis on their corporate clients. The sale of Mølholm Forsikring is a part of this strategy. In future, PFA will increase their focus on providing insurance services combined with company pension plans.

Gjensidige as leading provider

The acquisition of Mølholm Forsikring is part of Gjensidige’s strategic considerations regarding their desire for growth in, for example, the health sector. The acquisition will turn Gjensidige into a leading provider of health insurances.
The sale must be approved by the Danish and Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authorities as well as the competition authorities before the sale can be finalised.
Following the acquisition, Mølholm and their 75 employees will become part of Nordic in Gjensidige, which is managed from Denmark