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Health: Risks and costs in your company

Nyhed   •   Jun 12, 2017 16:06 CEST

Many companies work to improve the health of their employees, increase job satisfaction and thus contribute to boosting productivity. Often, however, the many well-intentioned measures do not pay off on the company’s bottom line. There can be various reasons for this, and there is no uniform solution.

To create the expectation that the health efforts add value, it is important to get a clear picture of the risks and costs involved. Aon can help you paint this picture.

Recommendation report from Aon

Aon can provide advice within a wide range of areas related to companies’ insurance programmes. It is possible to enter into an agreement with Aon on implementing a full product and risk analysis related to employee health and productivity.

In connection with the analysis, we seek access to information on your sickness absence, workplace assessments and job satisfaction surveys, risk accounts in your insurance programmes, and internal and external initiatives related to the work environment.

Insight into the above-mentioned material allows us to obtain a clear picture of your current risks, how they are distributed, as well as the reasons and costs. Understanding your current health and work environment efforts will help us advise you on possible paths to follow with a view to creating the value you want to achieve with your efforts.

Aon’s analysis may be externally funded

The results of the analysis are not only of interest to you as an employer, but may also be of great interest to the insurance companies that bear the risk of your employees’ long-term sickness and occupational injury.

Therefore, Aon has been granted full or partial funding for the analysis work by your insurance and health suppliers. This is due to the shared interest in you as employers becoming even better at targeting your preventive and therapeutic initiatives.

In addition, the results of the analysis may often have an impact on negotiations of future prices of the insurance policies relating to your employees.

If you reach out to the relevant employees in time, you not only make a difference for the employees, but you also improve productivity, reduce sickness absence and improve the risk characteristics of your insurance programmes.

Do you want to know more?

You are always welcome to contact our specialist in the area, Jesper Steen Jensen, if you want to know more about employee health and prevention. You can email Jesper at jesper.jensen@aon.dk or call him on +45 22 65 76 24.